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Vegetable Rolls

Item Name Price

01 Avo-Kyu Roll

Avocado, Cucumber

02 AAC Roll

Avocado, cucumber, deep fried asparagus

03 Buddha Roll

Deep fried yam ad asparagus iside, topped with avocado, inari, unagi sauce, sesame seed

04 Futo Maki

Tamago, shiitake mushroom, Kampyo, avocado, cucumber

05 Green Village Roll

Deep fried asparagus, DF yam, green onion inside, avocado

06 Maui Roll

Deep fried Sweet potato, avocado, cream cheese, sauce

07 Shiitake Mushroom Roll

Shiitake mushroom, avocado, cucumber

08 Vege Lover Roll

(Deep fried yam, DF jalapeno, DF asparagus) Avocado, cream cheese, torched, sauce

09 Super Sponges Roll

Fried Tofu, Cucumber, tempus onion top: Avocado, Green ion with sweet chili sauce

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